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Nature Therapy

Nature Therapy has been studied for over four decades and has proven to lower blood pressure, boost immune system, reduce stress hormones, and improve mental health. 

Forest and Nature therapy celebrates the connection between the human and more than human world. It assists us in unwinding from our day to day lives, invites us to relax and recharge, improving our mood and concentration, boosts our immune system, enhances the felt experience of aliveness and our place within the natural world. In slowing down in nature, we begin to perceive life from a new lens, we gain new insights, creativity is inspired, we experience an enhanced sense of belonging. 

At Sugar Bear Cove, we have 10 acres of pristine forest just waiting for you to come and revitalize your inner self. We are happy to offer guided tours and longer nature therapy sessions by request. Contact us for more information.

Nature Therapy: Event Spaces
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